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Published on September 1st, 2015 | by Vincent Jobse


Wallpaper*: Atelier Van Lieshout spills its guts

Ok, the architecture is at least a bit provocative – this is Atelier Van Lieshout’s contribution to the Ruhrtriennale, a six-week-long festival of music and arts in the northwestern German city of Bochum:

“Hosting a plethora of events – from concerts to film screenings, workshops and artist’s talks – the installation includes some of the Atelier’s most interesting past works, such as Bar Rectum, 2005, an anatomically-detailed bar shaped after the human digestive system (with a large door, doubling as an emergency exit, located on the structure’s anus); the portable farm Pioneer Set from 1999; 2005’s The Heads, Claudia & Hermann; and Workshop for Weapons & Bombs, a homemade munitions workshop first displayed in 1998.The exhibition also marks the debut of a large-scale, Dacha-like ‘functional artwork’ titled Domestikator. Acting as a ‘totem, temple and beacon’ for the Triennale’s grounds, the installation explores themes of ethics, human domination over nature, the advancement of the digital world and the few taboos – bestiality included – that remain in our society.As a collected whole, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly is a grand testament to Atelier Van Lieshout’s ‘Nouveau Brutalism’ and their keen ability to swing seamlessly between disciplines while maintaining a simultaneously irreverent and critical point of view.”

Source: Appetite for art: Atelier Van Lieshout spills its guts at Ruhrtriennale | Art | Wallpaper* Magazine


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