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Published on May 26th, 2015 | by Vincent Jobse


DAMN°: Weapon of Mass Information

In the newest issue of DAMN°: Visualizing Impact, the successor of Visualizing Palestine.

Visualizing Impact and its predecessor Visualizing Palestine are all about the most peaceful of all weapons to win a war. It uses information to win over the hearts and minds of the world. The initiative is based in the Middle East, very near the conflict that it comments. The Beiruth based initiative, that exists since 2012, is specialised in presenting information with the aim to defend the Palestinian cause.

The visual language it uses is modern, direct, original and convincing. That makes the productions of Visualizing Impact suitable for direct media use, and thus a weapon in the battle that has been going for decades – the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Visualizing Impact is a Weapon of Mass Information, and in the long run that can be a lot more more effective than destruction.



DAMN Weapon of Mass Information

DAMN, magazine on contemporary culture

DAMN° no 50
A Magazine on Contemporary Culture
May / June 2015

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