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Published on April 1st, 2015 | by Vincent Jobse


IdN v21n6: Packaging Design Issue – It’s Love at First Sight!


IdN Magazine – International Designers Network – on packaging in its newest issue:

Presenting our biggest-ever feature story! More than 50 of their favourite packaging designs by 42 creatives who specialise in packaging design – toughest of genres. Plus their thoughts on how to excel at it. This is one you’ll want to save.

Packaging design should be not so much a case of love at first sight as love at pre-sight since it is meant to make you desire the object it encases even before you’ve actually laid eyes on it. And although all the usual design rules apply, there are some additional considerations that come into play where packaging is concerned.

Among them is not wishing to add to the world’s waste-disposal problems. The ideal scenario would be packaging that is so attractive that you can’t bear to throw it away. It could be re-used to package something else, utilised as decoration, or simply hung onto as a keepsake.

André Úlfur Visage | arithmetic | BARDO | Beatrice Menis | Bend | Bob Studio | Chris Trivizas | Ibán Ramón & Dídac Ballester | Eric Therner | Eve Warren and Thomas Squire | Happycentro | Judit Besze | Kashiwa Sato | Katherine Blount | Kevin Harald Campean | Kokeshi MatchTeam | Leolab | Lily Kao | Mary & Matt | Mei Cheng Wang | Melanie Chernock | Memo | Midday | Nendo | Oddds | Preston Grubbs | Ratowsky Creative | Rosie Gopaul | Russ Gray | Sarah Machicado | Senyor Estudi | Squat New York | Stephanie Kuga | Studio Otwarte | Tetusin Design Office | Todd Anderson | Tofu | Tough Slate Design | UNELEFANTE | Yeongkeun Jeong | Yurko Gutsulyak | Yvonne Niewerth

The world-famous OFFF Festival is set to celebrate its 15th anniversary. What treats will they have in store for its loyal fans (20,000 of them at the latest count)? This issue, we revisit all the opening titles from previous events. Plus exclusive interview with founder Héctor Ayuso and long-time OFFF collaborators James White, Julien Vallée and Vasava.

Bron: IdN v21n6: Packaging Design Issue – It’s Love at First Sight!

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