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Published on December 17th, 2014 | by Vincent Jobse


CR: crafts and altered states

Creative Review November 2014, page 28-29, with: Beryl Nesbitt’s face photographed for a project directed by Marshmellow Laser Feast, in collaboration with Analog Studio.

Theme of the new Creative Review: Craft, Tradition & Technology. Altered States, by Eliza Williams, proves that craft doesn’t necessarily has to be associated with old techniques and a lot of perseverance. The article is on virtual reality and it is accompanied by a striking image: model Beryl Nesbitt, seemingly a sweet old English lady that unfortunately has been flattened as it she was run over by an old-fashioned steam-roller. Not so, her full bodyscan was taken to appear in a music video for the band Duologue. MLF is also planning to make a ‘virtual sculpture’ outof her, to be viewed using an oculus headset.

Creative Review | The Craft Issue
Advertising, design and visual culture
November 2014

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