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Abitare on ceramics

Abitare, printed monument for architecture and design, since 1961. Issue nr. 358. 

Everything there is still is to be discovered on ceramics, claims Abitare on its cover. And that is quite a lot. Futuristic design but also history. Like the Solimene ceramics factory, designed and built by Paolo Soleri between 1951 and 1954, carries out a whole range of functions. The factory, which sells, exhibits, produces and trains new generations of artisans, is often held up today as a paradigm for the small and medium-sized family-run enterprise.

However, the Solimene, which has a striking means of communication in the evocative power of its architecture, also demonstrates the resistance of ceramic material when it is used as a facing. It stands as a harmonious landmark in a landscape marred by dreadful constructions and casual planning, but above all maintains a tension between exterior and interior, where ceramics are used as a decorative, structural and narrative element.


Issue 538 | October 2014

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