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Uncategorized Axis, Japanese design magazine, looks at concepts on the horizon

Published on November 3rd, 2014 | by Vincent Jobse


Axis: 360 degree approach to the future

Out now: Axis, Concepts on the horizon, issue no. 10, October 2014

The good thing about Axis, Japanese magazine on design, is the practical component. The catchline of the magazine is concepts on the horizon, but the horizon is always quite near.

Like in the feature ‘Future approaches to capturing images’, which highlights new camera concepts, like 360 degree photography, the basis of Google’s Street View. In Axis a list of 360 cameras: the GoPro Hero, Bubl cam, Ricoh’s Theta and the Panono. New cam concepts that are directly available for the public, at quite a low price.

And there is more. What to think of imaging box 3D MFP, that translates an object into an object VR photo. Or Lytro’s new camera, that can alter the focus of an image, after shooting. Or even more futuristic: the donut shaped silicon chip that can travel through your blood vessels to make intravascular 3-D images.  Or the Magnify2 (photo) that provides datailed images, at a micron level.

Axis has a sharp eye for practical gadgets like these, but also for design tradition and crafts, and for the people that make this.

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Axis, Concepts on the horizon,
issue no. 10, October 2014

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