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Uncategorized Woolmark logo in Creative Revieuw

Published on October 6th, 2014 | by Vincent Jobse


CR: the true story of Woolmark

Creative Review’s Mark Sinclair on his favourite logo’s. And on the true story of Woolmark. Illustration: ad by FCA!, 1974.

The famous logo of Woolmark was launched in 1964. It was  a winning design that was entered in a competition  and it’s creator is the Milanese designer Francesco Seroglia. Officially. But there is a problem with that – the logo has been applied about 5 billion times, but no one knows anything about Seroglia. The man left no trace.

The simple truth is that Seroglia never existed, as a designer. He is an invention of designer Franco Grignani, who was in the jury that selected the Woolmark. According to his daughter, the work that was submitted was so poor that Grignani decided to do the logo himself. The design was then attributed to Francesco Seroglia, an employee, who really existed, but had never designed anything in his entire life. Only in the eighties Grignani could not longer keep silent. “I was too young to understand his worries’, says his daughter dramatically, ‘but I know he kept silent for many years, swallowing the bitterness any time the people attributed the superb logo to Saroglia’.

Good warning this story: don’t cheat with brilliant design, especially if you are quite vain.


Creative Review, september 2014
At Last, The True Story of the Woolmark

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