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Uncategorized The 250th isue of Crafts Magazine

Published on September 25th, 2014 | by Vincent Jobse


Crafts Magazine: issue 250!

Crafts magazine, published bi-monthly by the Crafts Council, celebrates its 250th issue and shows us the 50 moments that changed craft.

Those 50 moments are divided over several categories: exhibitions, objects and tools, people , publications and events. Of course we are not going to tell you all, just buy Crafts and you know it all. But we can lift a few tips of the veil and a name two surprising nominations.

In the category Events: The Financial Crash. ‘The global financial crash in the late 2000s highlighted conspicious consumerism and the danger of focusing solely on a knowledge-based economy. It led to increased public interest in craft both as product and skill’, says Rosy Greenless, Crafts Council’s Executive director.

In the category objects and tools: the MakerBot Replicator 2.  ‘… it is an object that has revolutionised the meaning of making. It’s a machine that questions the nature of skill, and yet it also transforms the domination of the machine and the factory in our imaginations’, says Deyan Sudjic, director of the Design Museum.

And not on the 50-list, but mentioned in the present Crafts: The Welsh Space Campaign by Hefin Jones (photo), a spacesuit made of fabric from the last remaining woollen mill in Wales, boots by a traditional Welsh clogmaker and a pressure system made by a Welsh plumber. Humerous, sincere and extremely well performed at the same time.



Crafts, The Magazine For Contemporary Craft
No. 250, Spetember | October

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