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Published on September 18th, 2014 | by Vincent Jobse


Axis: eat design in a land of chopsticks

On the cover of Axis: Marije Vogelzang – Dutch pioneer in ‘eating’ design. Her fame travels far: she is also discovered in Japan now.

She graduated from the wellknown Design Academy in Eindhoven, Dutch designer Marije Vogelzang, expert in experimenting with food. But not a food designer: “a food designer design food. I think food is already perfectly designed by nature. I design experiences based on the act of eating”.

And experiences they are, the projects of Vogelzang. Like the Sharing Dinner: a large tablecloths hangs from the ceiling. It has numerous slits, through which participants push their heads. In the middle, surrounded by the cloth, is a dinner table. As the participants eat, the cloth is gently moving. The act of eating is translated in movemnent.

Or (based on child’s play?): people wear a cloth over their heads, with a single opening: where their mouth is. Partners eed them, through the cloth. As the partners can’t see each other, the act of eating becomes an adventure, giving rise to new communication.

Vogelzang: “In recent years something akin to a food revolution has been occurring all over the world. I think there are plenty of opportunities to utilize design thinking in that respect.”



Axis | concepts on the horizon
8 | August 2014 | Volume 170
Japanese | English

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