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Published on May 23rd, 2014 | by Vincent Jobse

Snobs travel with Gia and towels

A pink summer edition of The Travel Almanac features Gia Coppola on the cover, shot by Jurgen Teller.

Nice and weird little magazine from Berlin: The Travel Almanac. Of course, it is about travel, just like the title says. But in fact it is about much more: a lifestyle. In this lifestyle the whole world is scenery for creative and successful people, who are known by the early adopters and fans of new culture. Fashion designer Christophe Lemaire, creative director of Hermès woman’s wear. New York Photographer Ryan McGinley. Twenty-six years old screenwriter and director Gia Coppola (indeed, descendant of the famed clan). Architect David Chipperfield. To name a few from the latest issue. All people who travel around the world for their professional creativity.

But the almanac travels itself as well – it visits Andaluz in southern Spain, 12 hotels spread around the world and also the churches of Rome. And on its way it buys souvenirs and travel goods: a leather Smyths0n Diary (€ 235), Oulan Bator Incense (€ 35), a Hermès bath towel (€ 410,-). And it always carries a Fox Umbrella.

The Travel Almanac is an optimistic magazine for the new snob.


The Travel Almanac
Issue 7, Spring summer 2014
146 pages
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Vincent Jobse is a Dutch design addict, who fully enjoys the pleasures of the web, but who loves print on pure, old-fashioned paper.

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