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Published on May 22nd, 2014 | by Vincent Jobse


The Plant – green design zen

A new issue of The Plant – the magazine with design and zen.

Fresh new issue of The Plant, one of the exciting new magazines from Barcelona. The magazine has the same feel as Apartamento, also from this cultural capital: an odd mix between everyday life, design and photography. But where Apartamento talks about interiors, the subject of The Plant is vagetable. The cover of this new issue is located in a Japanese park and the faded soft colors make it look like from the 60’s. Inside there is features on orchids, the coconut and the gardens of Versailles. And there are recipes: for making a nice meal with fresh veggies, or for make a nice scented candle, with fresh herbs.

Now this may seem a bit dull, but in fact it isn’t. It is zen in a magazine, mixed with excellent photography, like the work of photographers Scheltens & Abbenes. If you see it like this, The Plant is perfectly in line with the slow movement. After slow food, slow art, slow design and slow travel, we now have a slow magazine. Deliciously slow.


The Plant, issue 6
Spring 2014
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About the Author

Vincent Jobse is a Dutch design addict, who fully enjoys the pleasures of the web, but who loves print on pure, old-fashioned paper.

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