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Published on May 9th, 2014 | by Vincent Jobse


AD: Made by Robots

Architectural Design | May/June 2014 | profile no 229.

In AD the future of architecture, building and constructing – Made By Robots. Like Flight Assembled Architecture, by Gramazio & Kohler and Rafaello D’Andrea: drones carrying building blocks to make a structure. Or RoboFold’s folded panel system (very good that name: RoboFold, it reminiscent of RoboCop, and things that go wrong in the future) and Robotic Swarm Printing, what also sounds a bit sinister.

But – just as in good scifi – the future is not only a bit scary, but also utterly fascinating. As always Architectural Design is intelligent, intellectually teasing and on the forefront of change.

Architectural Design
May/June 2014
Profile no 229

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