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Published on March 31st, 2014 | by Vincent Jobse

LFI in Ulan Bator

In LFI: German photographer Sven Zellner visits the land of Genghis Khan and mingles with the upper class. Revealing and highly entertaining.

Wonderful story in Leica Fotografie International: Sven Zellner’s trip to Ulan Bator, Mongalia. East is east, but the west is never far away with the trendsetting elite. But three quotes from Zellner’s reportage will convince you that Mongolia quite different from the organized western world.

“Hitler is considered one of the great leaders in world history and even gets compared to Genghis Khan. In Ulan Bator you see the swastika anywhere anyway, but mostly disconnected from politics.”
“The water is cold – minus 20 degrees. Bayarmagnai and his friends drive their cars right up to the river bank, strip of their clothes and jump into the freezing water.”
“Amundra Amartuvshin admonishes a TV engineer who was unable to get the emergency generator running during an electricity black-out.”

LFI- Leica Fotografie International
Mongolian Disco | reportage Ulan Bator’s Upper Class
Text and photography: Sven Zellner
Issue 2 / 2014, February, March

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