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Published on February 14th, 2014 | by Vincent Jobse


Lürzer’s, on your bucket list?

It’s in: the new Lürzer’s. As always with the world’s best advertising.



Like this one, by DDB New York for WATERisLIFE, an organisation providing clean water and sanitary solutions in developing countries. It is part of series, with 4 year old Nkaitole as protagonist.

The ads concentrate on Nkaitole’s bucket list: drive a car, see the ocean, ride in a hot air balloon and fly like a bird. But as you read the copy it is quite clear that he was just put in these situations for the sake of making compelling advertising. The copywriter rubs it in, when riding the balloon he states: “normally, his time is spent underneath those same trees, escaping the African sun after a hot day of work”. But heat and child labour are only the beginning of Nkaitole’s problems – he has never seen an hot air balloon before, he is used to rubbing two sticks together to make fire and on top of that… he has no clean drinking water.

And all this makes a hot air balloon ride something on Nkaitole’s bucket list. “Something no four year old should even have in the first place”, states the ad. (Huh? Did we bring this up?) Instead we should donate for fresh water. On that we agree.

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