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Published on November 20th, 2013 | by Vincent Jobse

CR: 40-year-old Virgin and Sex Pistols

Very nice Creative Review again, this month.

Starring a 40-year-old Virgin and the punk band that made this record label iconic: The Sex Pistols. This year Virgin celebrates its 40th birthday, but not as a anarchist trendsetter in youth culture anymore. Its famous founder has since long gone, and the label is now part of entertainment giant Universal. The rebel of last centuries 70’s and 80’s has become a middle-aged man.

What rests is to look back. Creative Review does so with Brian Cooke, partner of Cooke Key Associates, London. Cooke and his partner Trevor Key designed the famous Virgin Records logo and were responsible for about 150 record sleeves and a wagon load of promotional material. Never Mind The Bullocks, God Save The Queen and more that gave youth a bad reputation. Very inspiring, in short, certainly for a young generation.

The exhibition Virgin Records: 40 Years of Disruptions is at Victoria House, London, until October 29.

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