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Published on September 20th, 2013 | by Vincent Jobse

Novum: sweet ice cream monsters and more

(N)ice new projects and designs in the latest Novum.

Eyescream and Friends was developed by Estudio M, from Barcelona and it’s basis is a shaved taiwanese style ice cream. Sorbetlike lovely stuff, but: quite unlike European icecream and visually a mess – an amorphous mass with lots of sauces and toppings dripping from it.

Merche Alcalá (interior designer) and Marion Dönneweg (graphic designer), together Estudio M in Barcelona, replaced the taiwanese raw material by italian ice cream, that was  separated from its toppings. And as key creative twist, they put two sugar eyes on the top of this ice cream mountain, suddenly turning the ice cream into a character-like monster that looks you in the eyes.The effect is amazing: food is turned into a sweet and likeable creature that you just have to eat. The name of it: Eyescream.

The designers did not stop after this. Estudio M also developed sophisticated packaging with a simple and economical construction: a kind of tray that fits the ice cream container and two small containers for toppings (jam, chocolate sauce, caramel, etc.). And they introduced the selfservice formula: wooden low cost boxes for selfservice, concentrating all the consumer experience.  And last they reorganized the fragmented facade of the shop and constructed from a large sign with “legs” that breaks down into a number of signs when open to the public.

The result is an entire new formula that you just love to see in your hometown next summer.

Source / more:

Novum, World of Graphic Design
issue 08.13, +food
82 pages | German – English

Order / Subscribe: Novum

Estudio m, Barcelona
Photographer: Daniel Loewe

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