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Published on September 16th, 2013 | by Vincent Jobse


DAMn: provocative food for solid stomachs

As said earlier, DAMn is quite provocative this time.

The no. 40 issue messes with food, so you can imagine that the result is not always pleasant. Dead pigeons stripped of their feathers still render a poetic picture, but things get grimm with other projects. Black Bile (2011), for instance, by Belgian designer Tuur van Balen, a recipe for controlling the feeling of melancholy. The dish is cooked from a leech that was fed with human blood. The leech is then processed into a mousse that is accompanied by an oyster mushroom, redcurrant sauce and blood sorrel.

And there are the masks of raw flesh by Dimitri Tsykalov – Mickey and Minnie Mouse like figures that drip blood over the models that wear them. Tsykalov made them in 2007, some three years before Lady Gaga wore her meatdress for the first time.

Miss Cakehead takes a different approach – a combination between British humour and filth. More than 20 cake makers contributed designs for the repulsive but delicious cake shop that was set up in the Pathology Museum at St. Bart’s Hospital, London. The company specialises in attracting attention with food – Miss Cakehead’s most recent project is the depressed cake shop, a charity project that visualises what depression is. In grey cakes and misfortune cookies

DAMn no. 40
A Magazine on Contemporary Culture
September / October 2013
168 delicious pages | English

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