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Published on September 10th, 2013 | by Vincent Jobse

Form: New! And old:Generation Grey

A special on design for / from senior citizens in Form Magazine. Generation Grey. Does that sound boring? Creativity is the domain of the young dynamic, isn’t it? Wrong, according to David Galenson, professor of Economics at the University of Chicago. There are too kinds of creativity. On the one hand you have the ‘conceptual’innovators, the young geniuses like Orson Welles, Pablo Picasso, Albert Einstein. Imaginative creatives, who are best at an early age.

But there are others as well: ‘expirimental’ innovators, the inductive empiricists. Think of old masters, like Charles Darwin, Frank Gehry, Piet Mondriaan, Alfred Hitchcock, all of whom had their greatest achievements after the age of 50. The difference between the two is that the first category is inspired by ignorance and the latter by wisdom. All in all a very comforting thought for everyone who passed the age of 50 (including me and and the professor).

Form explores the once revolutionary young in its focal theme Generation Grey, a series of articles on the generation that invented pop music and numerous shocking youth styles. And illustrates it with perfect photography, from the past and recent, like the one above, originally shot for The Sunday Times Magazine by Brendan Freeman.

More grey subjects for your grey matter in this issue:

– Babyboomer and designthinker Laurie Haycock Makela on the relation between design and healthcare
– 8 pages with design concepts (‘Cold hand are an unpleasant sign of aging. A large light bulb in the middle of the room could warm people’s hands at the same time as bring them together’, according to designer Axel Schmid)
– Fixperts, the UK design initiative that helps a lot of elderly with mix of design and repair
– An essay on the design demands of the new Generation Grey, what tools do they need?
– And: the cold numbers – how many senior citizens are there in Germany and Europe
Form – The Making of Design | issue 248
July / August 2013
112 pages | Language: German – English

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