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Published on July 22nd, 2013 | by Vincent Jobse

Print: visualizing Lolita

In a new book from Print, today’s top designers offer their own interpretation of the cover of Vladimir Nabokov’s ‘Lolita’.

This shocking novel, first published in 1955, tells the story of middle-aged literature professor Humbert Humbert, who cunningly manages to become the stepfather of 12-year old Dolores Haze and starts a sexual relationship with her. Lolita is a tale of perversion, and the unequal relationship described is still a huge taboo, though half a century has passed. But the novel is brilliant, and so is Nabokov’s style.

And further: the novel is on more than perversion alone – it is about America itself. That leaves a jacket designer with quite a problem: how much must you concentrate on the perversion alone? How perverse must you get as designer? From left to right the solutions of Aleksander Bak, Agata Jakubowska and Ellen Lupton in Print Magazine.

Soon in the forthcoming book ‘Lolita, Story of a Cover Girl’, essays, visual analysis and reinterpreted covers.

Print Magazine
Issue 67.4 | August 2013
86 pages | Language: English

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Vincent Jobse is a Dutch design addict, who fully enjoys the pleasures of the web, but who loves print on pure, old-fashioned paper.

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