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Yvi Magazine: confrontational and beautiful

Hollands best kept secret: Ivy.

At least to us, we weren’t paying attention. But the magazine has already published seven issues and is attracting quite some attention. It was awarded last year by AICA, the Dutch chapter of the international organisation of art critics.

Every Ivy has a theme. The latest issue is on ‘Confrontation’, and confronting it is. It exposes differences, forcing you to make choices, exposes norms and values. In this seventh issue of Yvi Magazine there are three principal themes: confrontation with yourself, confrontation with another and confrontation with the way things are done.

For many, their own body is a source of confrontation, in terms of health and in terms of beauty. In XXL, Dóra Pelczer reveals the battle with her own weight, the struggle to meet society’s ideal and the social pressure when this ideal is not achieved. Cara Phillips has portrayed the places where perfection can be realized by way of medical interventions: the spaces where plastic surgeons work. Shirin Fakhim’s Tehran Prostitutes, sculptures made of everyday objects and articles of clothing, employ absurd and sympathetic humour to broach the problems surrounding Persian prostitution.

Most confronting is the confrontation with death in Ivy. Deaths is almost secretive, far removed from our everyday lives. The confrontations with death and dying are perhaps our last taboos. In his impressive series, Life Before Death, Walter Schels portrays people shortly before the end of their lives and just after their deaths. Tristan Cai’s Physical Realities of Death series unfolds the life story of Toivo Laukkanen, with such themes as the value of life, the role of masculinity and death passing review.

And there is more, confrontations with violence in the work of Simon Menner and Johannes Kahrs. Confrontation with news in Olivier Coulange’s view of the Tunesian rebellion, to name a few stories.
And there is Chaology, the fascinating work of Tess Hurrell: sculptural explosions made outof wool, talcum powder, paint and pipe cleaners.

Yvi, highly recommended!

Yvi Magazine
Issue 7 | Confrontation
111 pages | English

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