Published on July 15th, 2013 | by Vincent Jobse

DAMn: from low-tech leg-powered to hightech city life

As always one of our favorites: DAMn, a magazine on contemporary culture.

Issue nr 39 focuses on cities and transport. On the cover – an image by Japanese photographer Sachigusa Yasuda, who captures metropoles as if they explode from the surface of the earth. Technique does the trick for her. She first takes hundreds of photo’s that she melts together with Photoshop, thus creating the 360 degrees image that we try to conceive in our brain. The result is spectacular and highly scifi, a visual futuristic adrenaline rush.

And as far as transport is concerned: all kinds of wheels can be found in DAMn, from high tech solar-powered racemonsters to low-tech leg-powered citybikes. And philosophy on wheels as well, in a manifesto by Lowie Vermeersch, now head of creative consultancy Granstudio, and only a short while ago Chief Designer at Pininfarina: ‘we must inject a strongly human approach within a mobility context that will be more and more defined by big systems and complex technology.’

Doesn’t that account for all design?

More: Granstudio.com

Damn, a Magazine on Contemporary Culture
Issue 39 | July, august 2013
128 pages | English

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