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Published on July 12th, 2013 | by Vincent Jobse


LFI: Magnum member René Burri


Leica Fotografie International proudly announces that Magnum photographer René Burri is introduced to the Leica Hall of Fame.

In LFI a special on the work of this Swiss photographer who just turned eighty. From his black and white photography in the sixties to his coloured work in the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s. LFI: “Buri’s precise eye captures the world’s raw contrasts and mystifying absurdity”. And poetry, should we add, even in places where you would not expect it: the slums of Manila, Das Island in the Persian Gulf, the hospital where young Chernobyl victims are treated. Burri not only is one of the most remarkable photographers of his time, but also a cosmopolitan.

LFI – Leica Fotografie International
nr 5, July 2013
90 pages | English

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Spread in LFI, with work of René Burri: Brazil 1960

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