Published on June 14th, 2013 | by Vincent Jobse

360° Design: the sensual spoons of Jinhyun Jeon

Colourful issue of 360° again, the design magazine from Hong Kong. Editor in chief Wang Shaoqiang and his team opens the door to yet undiscovered eastern talents (that is, in the west) and the masters of Asian creativity and crafts. But he also has a keen eye on the west.

The article on Jinhyun Jeon offers a combination of east and west. Jeon, a South Korean designer based in The Netherlands, asked herself: ‘can the shape, texture and colour of cutlery change the way food tastes’. Her answer in design is the subject of Sensoral Stimuli, a series of sensually designed cutlery. Asked what people think of het spoons and forks, Jeon comments: “They immediately thought of different things when first saw my design. They wanted to touch them and try them in mouth”.

I can imagine why…


360° Design, No 45
Concept and Design Magazine
200 pages | language: Chinese / English

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