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Published on April 26th, 2013 | by Vincent Jobse

Domus: products programmed to desintegrate

Very interesting new issue of Domus Magazine, with a lot of Salone and The DRM Chair on the cover.

What if technology would invade our products and take control over them? Designer Thibault Brevet (1988, France) invented the DRM Chair – a chair that turns itself into a heap of junk. After a predetermined number of times one sits down on it – eight to be exact – the chair desintegrates. This so called ‘planned obsolescence’ is a feature that is intentionally designed into an increasingly number of industrial products. Brevet: “the so-called ïnternet of  Things” promises objects embedded with countless sensors, objects that are able to communicate, and this would allow incredibly interesting things to happen”.

Brevet’s DRM Chair is made of elements that are connected with wax. An electronic sensor keeps count of the number of uses and when the preset limit is reached, the desintegration begins. The purpose of the chair is to ask questions and make designers think. Brevet: “as soon as you have an Internet of Things, you also have to potential for the most incredible surveillance system”.



Domus Magazine
No 968, April 2013
148 pages, Language: Italian – English

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