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Published on March 18th, 2013 | by Vincent Jobse

DAMn: Alvernia, Europe’s Hollywood?

Excellent design is poetry. That is all too clear if you see DAMn°, magazine on contemporary culture. The latest issue of this Brussels bimonthly is filled to the brim with surprising features and fresh thoughts and ideas. Art, architecture, photography, product design, game design, it is all there. The monuments and mausoleums of Renato Nicolodi, the container architecture of Luc Deleu, curator Jane Withers and her passion for H2O, the photographers of the Helsinki School. And more.

But the most dreamlike images come from a feature on the Alvernia Studio’s, just outside Poland’s second largest city Krakow. They look like a space station on a distant planet, and not only from the outside. This sci-fi environment was created by Polish mogul Stanislaw Tyczynski, an eccentric multimiljonair who made his money founding Poland’s first commercial radio station. After selling this for several hundred million dollars, he established Alvernia, in 2010.

alvernia_studios  Take a virtual tour

Tyczynski aims at making Alvernia an important player in the film industry, a second Hollywood on European soil. The complex offers state of the art technology, talented visual arts experts, set designers, top film engineers, recording studio’s and the widest curved blue screen in the world. The complex consists of 14 domes that are connected by tunnels. Whether Tyczynski will succeed with Alvernia remains to be seen, but he certainly has suceeded in creating the future as we know it from the movies. Blade Runner meets Metropolis.

Damn 37, a magazine on contemporary culture
April / March 2013
Language: English
176 pages

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