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At last, chairs that women can carry with one hand


Quite a few captains of industry and managers in the new Axis, the Japanese design monthly. Walter de Silva, Volkswagen Group’s Head of Design, for over 40 years involved in car design. James Dyson, inventor of the famed vacuum cleaner and Dr. Michael Kaschke, president and CEO of Carl Zeiss AG, Germany’s optical instrument facturer. And quite a lot of corporate info: the new VW Up!, the new Mazda, the new Honda N-One, the cute chihuahua of urban traffic.

And what about concepts on the horizon, as the subtitle of Axis promises? You have to look close but then you can find a few. Like Life Armour, an 1.2 meter plastic floating ball that can harbour a family after the collapse of their home. Or the Web Chair – ‘at 2.1 kg light enough for a woman to pick up with one hand’ (!?), or most puzzling: the Yuan Carry-along Chopsticks – with an inbuilt led light and whistle (!?!?). And then Axis does what it promises – show concepts from the eastern horizon.

Web Chair (2009) by Jun Hashimoto | www.juniodesign.com

Axis 2, Februari 2013
128 pages
language: Japanese | English

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