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Published on February 14th, 2013 | by Vincent Jobse

Architecture: see through buildings

Theme of the new Detail: transparant and translucent design ideas. In short, architecture that reveals more. Like the pavillions for ‘The Year of Germany in India’, the Kukje Gallery in Seoul and the new head office of furniture manufacturer Sedus Stoll (Germany).

Or, above, Même Experimental House, by Kengo Kuma & Asociates (Tokyo), is a 80 m2 transparant house, located on the grounds of a Hokkaido reseach institute. The design is based on traditional ‘chise’ huts of the Ainu, a traditional people that lives in the cold north of Japan.

Their chise were directly placed on the ground and had a central fire pit that was kept burning continuously. Meme’s load-bearing structure is a timber frame. A moisture diffusing synthetic membrane covers it. The interior is clad entirely in removable glass-fabric. Between the two layers is a transparent insulation made of recycled PET Bottles.

Detail 53

Source: Detail – Zeitschrift für Architektur, 53
160 pages, language: German – English

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