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Best Wallpaper

Wallpaper, the world’s styleguide, is bringing you the brilliant and the best. Theme of the February issue: Wallpaper’s Design Awards 2013. And a lot was designed and rewarded: there are judges awards, in 11 categories. Best city, best private house, best new restaurant, best fashion collection, etc.  – things you would expect with design awards.

But there is also an extensive list of  intriguing ‘best categories’: Best Bottom Drawer, for instance. And: Best Finishing Touch, Best Lab, Best Loo, Best Groom, Best Fixer-Upper. Our favorite: Best Comfort Food.

Häagen-Dasz’s Ice Moons were rewarded in this categorie. The icemakers teamed up with London design duo Doshi Levien. The result: mouthwatering ice cream bombes, moon-shaped. “It was the first time in a design meeting that we ate the prototype”, the designers commented.

Wallpaper February 2013
Design Awards 2013
190 pages, language: English

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