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Creative Review talks money


Interesting issue of Creative Review – the magazine is concentrating on the dirty side of design: the money. CR tries to bring the data alive, as you can see on the cover. Average salaries, billing rates, the cost of education and how pay compares in design studios and ad agencies around the world. If you want the full report, you have to lay your hands on this issue. But some facts we already want to share with you:

Cost of education
Costs of education differ greatly. A year of the NY School of Visual Arts will cost you about £20.000/year. A year of HyperIsland, Stockholm, costs you nothing. That is, if you are Scandinavian. Others pay £9.000. The greatest difference in this respect is found in Ireland – locals pay about £1.900, foreigners more than £13.000 for a year.

Graphic designer, median salary
Ok, you have had your education, now it is time to harvest. What is your annual salary? That depends on where you live: in India you’ll earn a modest £4.524 / year. In most countries (England, Ireland, The Netherlands, China) you’ll earn about £24.000/year. But you are best of in Australia: more than £36.000/year!

Average hourly rates of freelancers
Many young professionals start as freelancers. In most countries your hourly rate will be about £20, also in China. You are best of in the USA (£23), and worst in India – a lousy £3 per hour.

Of course all figures are in English pounds, since Creative Review is British. But the information you find in this issue stretches further – lots of useful tips and tricks you can use in your daily practice, wherever you are.

Source: Creative Review, January 2013
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