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Published on January 24th, 2013 | by Vincent Jobse

Genevieve Gauckler supports emotions


French designer and art director Genevieve Gauckler on the art of character design, in IdN Magazine:

” good character design is based on three main values. It has to look good, to have nice harmonic shapes, and it has to be expressive, to express an emotion or a range of emotions (happiness, surprise, empathy, anger, etc.). Finally it should be projective, by which I mean that the viewer should be able to see the character as a support of her/his emotion. This means the character has to keep a kind of neutrality in order to able to absorb everyone’s feelings.”

Genevieve Gauckler – www.genevievegauckler.com
Source: IdN Magazine / Order, subscribe

Gauckler for Lacoste. Limited collection of t-shirts for kids between 2 and 16.

“Connected organs”, original artwork used as a preloaded wallpaper for the N9 phone.


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